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No matter the size of your home,
attention to detail is the reason
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Phone: 919.417.1997

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Home is where the heart is,
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Phone: 919.417.1997

Towerview Construction & Will Gray

Will---main Will Gray was raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He attended St. Thomas Moore Catholic, Phillips, and graduated from Chapel Hill High School in 1996.

Will played all the team sports including basketball, soccer, baseball, and football.  When not studying or competing, Will’s father, Beecher Gray, kept him busy with farm chores and their favorite outdoor pursuits of hunting and fishing.

After graduating from North Carolina State University in 2000 with Bachelors of Science degrees in Textiles and Business Management, Will began graduate school studies at Clemson University’s College of Material Science & Engineering.  He earned his Masters of Science in Textiles, Fiber and Polymer Science in 2003.

Will’s strong work ethic began showing at age 6 with yard and home maintenance work for neighbors.  As an undergrad at NC State, Will added practical work experience to his developing knowledge of residential construction.  He founded Towerview, a painting and pressure washing business and managed it while also attending graduate school and until he passed the North Carolina Contractors’ Licensing Board commercial builders exam.

Will founded Towerview Construction, LLC in 2004.  Using a bank loan for funding, Will almost single-handedly built his first house on speculation in Pittsboro, NC.  Following its sale, and now armed with practical working knowledge and success, Will applied to the same bank for the funds to build three more homes on speculation.  The bank approved and within a year, all three of these homes were built and sold.Will-at-work

In 2006, Will purchased Tower Ridge sub-division in Sanford and began building. He moved into one of his new homes and closely supervised all construction.  Tower Ridge has become a very nice small community.

Will now was ready for the challenge of a larger development.  He formed Towerview Development, LLC and purchased sixty acres in Lee County for Boca Estates.  Using his hand-picked crew of talented employees for the brick home construction, Will was able to oversee the building.

In 2009, Will formed Towerview Development 2, LLC and bought twenty three acres in Lee County to build affordable homes.  He was licensed and had acquired the heavy equipment needed for site work including an excavator, bulldozer, and backhoe.

Unlike most developers and builders, Will Gray and his close knit Towerview team are equipped and experienced in all stages of residential development, from land acquisition, permitting and site work, through the completion of all aspects of your custom built “Dream Home”.

Get in touch with Towerview and let us help you build or remodel your perfect home!

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